Smiths Power provides power management and protection for critical systems supporting the wireless telecommunications, data center, commercial facilities, manufacturing/automation, rail, energy, medical and defense markets. As a family of brands, PDI, Onyx, PolyPhaser, Transtector, DOWIN, LEA and RO Associates unite under one umbrella to Transform, Distribute, Monitor and Protect™ power in global networks and systems.

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Power Distribution, Inc. (PDI) designs, manufactures, and services mission critical power distribution, static switching, and power monitoring equipment for corporate data centers, alternative energy, industrial and commercial customers around the world. For over 30 years, PDI has served the data center and alternative energy markets providing flexible solutions with the widest range of products in the industry.

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PolyPhaser leads the market with its patented RF protection solutions, specifically supporting communications systems. Based on its extensive experience with multi-stage surge protection, PolyPhaser continues to expand its product offering to support the needs of advanced network applications with technologies such as DC Block, DC Pass and Ultra Low PIM.

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Transtector Systems specializes in the protection of highly sensitive, low voltage equipment through its patented, non-degrading silicon diode technology and custom filters. Its power quality expertise translates into a diverse product offering including AC, DC, and signal applications as well as integrated cabinets, power distribution panels and EMP hardened devices.

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When Experts Join Forces, Powerful Things Happen!

PDI, ONYX, PolyPhaser, Transtector, LEA, DOWIN and RO Associates are uniting under a common umbrella – Smiths Power. Together we Transform, Distribute, Monitor and Protect power in critical systems and networks.

ONYX Power

ONYX Power is a best-in-class manufacturer of high power transformers, magnetics, inverters, and power distribution systems for the critical power industry. We are committed to delivering outstanding value to our customers through design expertise, lower costs, enhanced performance, and shorter lead times.

PowerWave Bus System


PDI's innovative Powerwave Bus System with Tough Rail Technology represents a modular pre-engineered product line expansion into the structured bus distribution market. PDI's has incorporated the simplicity of vertical drop downs from a common bus with the integration of PDI's award winning Wavestar technology for intelligent monitoring and communications.

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Alternative Energy Container Systems


We have translated our customers expectations for a lifetime of reliable operation in data centers and critical facilities and applied the same quality and expertise to our combiner boxes. Our next generation combiner box technology uses high strength composite materials to resist the elements, along with our award winning WaveStar meter system that simplifies array power monitoring.


Onyx Solar Solutions


Onyx Power delivers a proven, integrated, complete power distribution system engineered specifically for the solar energy industry. From your panels to the grid or building, Onyx brings together combiners, transformers, and containerized solutions designed to maximize your solar energy return on investment.



Known as the industry leader in inverter design for over 20 years, ONYX continues to lead with new products and exciting solutions.


Power Transformers

Our 65,000 square ft. transformer facility is the largest and most modern on the west coast. See how our lead times, quality, and performance make a difference.


Gap Magnetics and Inductors

ONYX specializes in manufacturing the inductors and gap magnetics that used in most power conversion systems.


Power Distribution

ONYX power distribution systems are versatile, engineered solutions that are used by top data centers and those seeking a higher level of reliability and functionality.


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